A new way to fly to Geo
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A New Route to GEO

Using a lunar flyby trajectory, GeoJump can get customers to GEO in two weeks (instead of 6 months), with minimal radiation exposure.


SmallSat Rideshare to GEO

Finally, there are SmallSat rideshare opportunities to GEO! GeoJump is the only company offering frequent, reliable, and easy rideshares to GEO.


Flying Soon!

Rideshare opportunities start in 2022. Starting in 2023, we’ll have multiple rides¬† available every year to serve the growing NewSpace market.

How We Do It

  • Trans-Lunar Injection from dedicated or CLPS-type rideshare
  • Approximately four hours post-separation from the LV, any GEO-bound spacecraft performs ~50 m/s burn to divert to a Lunar flyby
  • Flyby occurs at ~9,400 km above the Lunar surface
  • Returning spacecraft proceed on a free return trajectory to GEO
    • GEO: 1.1 km/s delta-V required for GEO circularization
    • Transit time: 15 days
    • A lower delta-V, lower total dose way to access GEO