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Providing Access to Anywhere

in the Inner Solar System

Launch – Hosting – Insurance – Finance

Affordable, Reliable Launch

In partnership with our reliable manufacturing vendors, the GeoJump OTV provides affordable rideshare access to unique orbits – and is fully insurable.

Need a demo or TRL boost?

Beyond delivery and deployment of satellites, our OTV constellation offers hosted payload life support – allowing for an early test bed for new product development.

Fast Delivery On Orbit

Why wait six months to start operating? GeoJump delivers your valuable spacecraft to Super-GEO in a fraction of time.

Space-Asset-Backed Finance Fund

GeoJump, Inc. announces the GeoJump Space-Asset-Backed Finance Fund, the industry’s first fund for SmallSats and hosted payload going to GEO and Beyond.  The fund provides up to 100% of the “end-to-end” capital requirements for SmallSats and hosted payloads flying in the GeoJump Full-Service Launch Program. 

Rideshare Access

Access to space is typically focused on low Earth orbits (LEO), but we see the need is growing beyond the crowded LEO environment. GeoJump offers frequent and affordable access to geosynchronous orbit (GEO) as well as cislunar, deep space and other unique orbits.

Hosted Payloads

Significant work goes into making your company’s new product – let us take care of the rest. GeoJump can provide the rest of the “satellite” around your payload – including communications, avionics, propulsion, and thermal control.

We are driven by values

We believe that access to nontraditional orbits should be affordable for everyone. Beyond this, at GeoJump we are driven by:

– STEM Education and Outreach
– Diversity and Inclusion

Reach out today to chat more about these and on speaking opportunities for your organization.

GeoJump Leadership Team

Donald Moore – CEO

Donald has 30yrs of experience in defense, aerospace and infrastructure legal and financial leadership positions with global law firms, Fortune 500s and Startups

Isa Fritz – CTO

Isa has over 10 years of experience in aerospace engineering, product development and leadership. She has managed >$1B USD of space assets.

Advisory Board

GeoJump has an esteemed and growing advisory board with industry veterans with experience in US Government missions, small satellite engineering, and new product development.

Let’s work together on your
upcoming mission.

GeoJump is actively manifesting launches for 2023, 2024 and beyond. Reach out today to learn more.