GEO Access for Everyone

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Creative Solutions to Make Your Mission Successful: GeoJump realizes that it is difficult to get to, and operate in, geosynchronous orbit. We can remove those barriers. Reach out today to learn more about upcoming missions, rideshare opportunities, and more. 


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A New Route to GEO

Using a lunar flyby trajectory and the Sherpa-ES OTV developed by our partner Spaceflight, GeoJump can get customers to GEO in two weeks (instead of 6 months), with minimal radiation exposure.


SmallSat Rideshare to GEO

There are SmallSat rideshare opportunities to GEO, and GeoJump can help get you and your payload there! Reach out to us for more information. 


We're Flying Soon!

Our first payload will be launching NET Q4 2022. Starting in 2023, we’ll have multiple opportunities available every year to serve the growing NewSpace market.

About the GeoJump Team:

GeoJump is the first company to officially come out of SpaceFund’s incubator, SpaceFund Labs. This female-founded company has low overhead, is extremely lean and will revolutionize the way companies access geosynchronous orbit, the most profitable place in the solar system.