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Space-Asset-Backed Finance Fund

Announcing the formation of GeoJump’s Full-Service Launch Program and Space-Asset-Backed Finance Fund

GeoJump, Inc. announces the GeoJump Space-Asset-Backed Finance Fund, the industry’s first fund for SmallSats and hosted payload going to GEO and Beyond.  The fund provides up to 100% of the “end-to-end” capital requirements for SmallSats and hosted payloads flying in the GeoJump Full-Service Launch Program. 

Eligible missions need to meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Payload of 200kg or less needing to go to GEO and Beyond
  • Contract for a GeoJump Full-Service Launch (acquisition, registration, insurance, integration, and launch)
  • Paying customer (government or commercial) providing reliable revenue cash-flow
  • Clear title to the payload allowing for priority lien over the payload

Let’s work together on your
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